Interview with escort Roberta

Interview with escort Roberta

We all know how hard an escort life is. Today we will talk to one of the best companions in the Netherlands about her private life and about how she handles it.

Q: Hi. Thank you for letting me take this interview. How are you today?

A: Hello, I am a little tired, I just got back from a client who kept me up all night, but I am also happy for choosing me to do this interview.

Q: I will not waste any more time. How is your escort life?

A: Well... it is hard. If people find out about my job, they will immediately start to judge me and talk behind my back because I couldn't find a real job. But you know what? Being an escort is a real job, they are just too jealous because I make more money than them and because I don't hate my job, I actually enjoy it. I am not blocked between 4 walls for 8 or 12 hours. I have a variety of things to do, not like them, who are forced to do the same things every day.

Q: And how do you combine these two, your private life and your job? Isn't it hard?

A: It is, but I think it is worth it. I make enough money from my job to spend them in my private life. Some of my close friends know about what I do and they support me. They realized it is a great and fast way to make a lot of money. In my private life, I am a normal girl, you could say that I have two personalities: one when I am at work and one when I am in the comfort of my home, family and friends.

Q: How money do you make and where do you spend it?

A: I can't say an exact amount, it varies from week to week, but I make enough to have a royal life. Most of my money goes on jewelries, clothes and trips, but a lot of them also go on monthly gym memberships, swimming pool entrances and a lot of kinky stuff for my work. I love to experiment in my private life too.

Q: What are your favorite perfume brands?

A: Si Giorgio Armani By Giorgio Armani, Chanel no 5,  Euphoria EDP for women from Ck, Tory Burch Eau De Parfum and Victoria’s Secret Bomb Shell.

Q: Where do you spend your winter holiday?

A: Usually, on Christmas days I go and spend some quality time with my family, but I return in time for the Ney Year to spend it with my friends from the Netherlands. I love to go to the mountains, I love the snow and I love winter sports.

Q: In the end, do you recommend this job for young girls?

A: If they think they can handle the pressure, yes, I recommend it. It is hard to combine escort life with private life, especially in this area, but if you can do it, they will be happy.