Cute Escort Shannon

Set the Tempo with Shannon

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 56
  • Cup Size: Cup C
  • Confection size:
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eyes color: Brown
  • Services: Threesome, SM Dominant, Kissing, Threesome couple, French, Erotic Massage, SM
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Available In: Amsterdam, Heiloo, Bergen, Den Helder, Hoorn, Egmond aan Zee, Purmerend

Shannon has become deeply popular with many of our clients because she offers that cute, artistic style that many can find hard to locate in other girls. Whilst an escort service is usually about engaging in various bouts of sex in different positions to trying out oral sex in many different ways, you will find that with Shannon things can take on a deeper level of enjoyment and significance – if, of course, you want them to. She’s an escort in role playing and in dealing with domination, so whether you want someone in command or under your control is entirely up to you.

It’s her passionate style and her sexy looks that get most people on board – not only is she one of the most attractive girls you’ll meet in the Netherlands, she’s one of the most down to earth. With her help you can find that Shannon is someone to be around at all times once you hire her – she’s infectious and makes it very easy for you to enjoy your time with an escort regardless of the typical looks or styles that you would normally have gone for.

It’s this kind of personality that so many people come to us for. Whether you are looking for a good old spanking via some soft SM or you just want to engage in conversation with a sexy girl for the night, you can hire Shannon.

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